Choosing benefits is a complex decision for even the most informed and savvy consumer. And it’s a choice that people face each year. Picwell simplifies this decision and gives peace of mind to individuals enrolling in benefits.

Getting individuals the right benefits is essential for every interaction that follows. Without access to appropriate coverage and aligned financial incentives, the opportunity to engage that person is challenging. With Picwell, you can set individuals up for success from the start with a positive experience, setting the tone for a long-term, positive relationship.

We’ve developed a comprehensive offering to enhance the benefits lifecycle, including consumer experience, planning, population management, and workflow.

Plan Selection and Decision Support

Our cornerstone offering is a SaaS decision support product that matches individuals to the right plan during enrollment by predicting future care considerations, estimating out-of-pocket expenses, and accounting for personal preferences.

Using a few data points, our product analyzes enrollee-specific attributes against all available options to identify and recommend the right benefits for each individual. The results are rank ordered and include additional key details that can be customized. In addition, the results can show the best comprehensive package of benefits.

Our product is an application programming interface (API), so you maintain control of the experience and have the flexibility to integrate easily into any existing system environment, including direct-to-consumer portals, call center platforms, and more.

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Consumerism and HDHP Adoption

Drive your health-wealth and financial wellness initiatives with a decision support solution that offers a comprehensive high-deductible health plan, plus health savings account recommendation. Results show individuals using Picwell engage with and have a better experience enrolling in high deductible, HSA products.

Our decision support product can be upgraded to deliver personalized recommendations for how an individual should fund their health savings account, including scenarios that illustrate varying degrees of risk-reward trade-off.

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Consumer Engagement

Maximize your personalized marketing and communication initiatives, including targeted campaigns for care management, re-enrollment, and new programs.

Using the same data collected during enrollment, we’re able to identify individuals who are well suited for specialized health and wellness programs, or may benefit from additional attention based on predicted care needs during the year, such as maternity or diabetes.

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Risk Management

Enhanced risk scoring and prediction efforts, including assessing your population for risk aversion and medical and prescription utilization.

Our proprietary approach, based on machine learning and behavioral economics, can be applied to support population management, actuarial modeling, and other initiatives you have with the goal of maintaining a healthy MCR.

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Local Market Optimization & More

We’re continually innovating and looking to solve the most exciting problems in healthcare and benefits administration.

One of these many examples is helping our partners develop actionable business intelligence for new market entry or transitions to gain competitive position and minimize potential disruption. Our data asset holds valuable insights at the local level that can be used to design a data-driven plan design strategy, with specific recommendations for plan configuration in a particular market.

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How it works

Cutting-Edge Data Science

Most algorithm-based decision support solutions focus on overly simplistic decision rules or cost-focused models. These solutions often gloss over important insurance-specific information, or lack behavioral and market-specific factors, for a personalized, predictive recommendation. This leaves consumers dissatisfied and disengaged from their healthcare experience. And at worst, consumers make poor financial and health decisions.

Our approach uses advanced data science methods, including machine learning and behavioral economics, to evaluate the many factors that consumers care about, and produces a holistic set of predictive outcomes. This approach was developed by industry-leading experts and has diverse application across the benefits lifecycle.


Assess and predict financial risk for individuals and groups

Our data represents billions of medical claims for more than 40 million people, across multiple years of healthcare use in the U.S. Machine learning tools constantly assess this data to build predictions, which become increasingly precise as the data evolves. While there are many advantages to this approach, this means we don’t require historical claims data from each client.

Benefit Design

Address the ‘fine print’ associated with each benefits plan

In order to understand the value of specific benefits, and all of the different potential outcomes, we use techniques to transform the distribution of risks that an individual or group has against a distribution of outcomes associated with each benefits option.

Consumer Behavior

Match consumers to the right benefits with behavioral economics

Benefit features such as risk protection, provider networks, and objective quality measurements all impact the total value that consumers derive from the benefits. Combining consumer insights with the financial value of each benefits plan provides a comprehensive, personalized view that recognizes unique needs and preferences.