Picwell DX provides employees with personalized benefits guidance -
anytime, anywhere, from any device.


Picwell DX Helps Employees Make Smarter Benefits Decisions

In just a few minutes, employees will be able to easily see which health care plan best fits their personal situation based on their unique health status, personal preferences, and risk tolerance. The intuitive user interface and simple navigation makes the process quick and easy.


Provides Interactive HSA Education

The interactive Health Savings Account module takes the guesswork out of HSAs, providing comprehensive education and guidance. Custom contribution calculators even help employees determine their optimal contribution amounts!


Offers Employees Personalized Education on All Benefits

In addition to medical benefits, Picwell DX provides personalized recommendations for all supplemental benefits - from dental insurance and voluntary benefits to a 401(k) or wellness programs.


Provides Spousal Plan Comparisons

Build-a-Plan is the only tool on the market that allows employees to compare their benefits plans to those of their partner or spouse. Step-by-step guidance makes it quick and easy to use, and all plans are ranked based on fit, so employees can easily see which plan is better for themselves and their families.

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Here's How it Works

Watch this quick video to see how Picwell DX helps employees understand and choose the right health care benefits for their needs.

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