Power Your Platform with Health Care Intelligence

Picwell's API puts the power of machine learning, big data, and economic modeling to work for you, allowing you to enhance your platform, user experience, and value proposition for your customers. Many technology platforms, including benefits administration, enrollment, exchange, HSA administration, and others, rely on Picwell APIs. Join us as we continue the mission of helping consumers make wise, confident health and wealth decisions.

Smarter Health Insurance Enrollment

We’ll help you revolutionize your health insurance enrollment platform and improve the enrollment experience. Our industry leading decision support capability allows you to present your members with an easy ranking of “plan fit” and detailed cost predictions so they can quickly and confidently choose the plan that best meets their needs.

Health Insurance Decision Support API Docs

More Intelligent HSA Education

Our intelligent HSA allows you to engage consumers in a personalized HSA playground to inspire confidence. You can illustrate each member’s HSA balance over time, accounting for their unique health risk, and build confidence by showing them the probability of a successful contribution and investment strategy, from hire through retire.

Health Cost & HSA Forecasting API Docs

Powerful Retiree Health Planning

You can leverage our industry leading long-term health cost forecast to help clients navigate the cost of healthcare, from premiums to out-of-pocket and drug costs, under any health insurance plan, including ACA and Medicare. Build simple calculators and detailed scenario planners to help clients consider and navigate retirement healthcare in real time.

Health Cost & HSA Forecasting API Docs

Easy Medicare Enrollment

Armed with the smartest Medicare decision support in the industry, Picwell lets you quickly rank “plan fit” for any member and any type of Medicare plan, including Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Prescription Drug plans. Improve member experience and gain operational efficiencies across digital, call center, and field operations.

Medicare Decision Support API Docs

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