Empower Wise Choices at Open Enrollment to Drive Benefits ROI

You spend the year preparing for open enrollment but have only a few weeks to communicate and educate employees on their best choices. With Picwell DX, you can offer each employee a digital, intelligent benefits guide, that ensures they make wise choices and helps you achieve ROI on you investment.

Make Benefits Enrollment Smoother

Imagine an open enrollment period where every employee has access to personalized benefits guidance. With Picwell DX, you can give each employee guidance on all benefits, from medical plan selection and HSA contribution through voluntary benefits and others, ensuring employees arrive at wise, confident choices and reducing the burden on your busy benefits staff.


Improve Benefits Satisfaction

When employees are bogged down by the complexity of benefits, it’s difficult for them to understand or appreciate their benefits. With Picwell DX, you provide each employee with deep understanding of why each benefit is valuable for their personal situation.


Optimize Your Consumer Directed
Health Strategy

Did you know that the vast majority of your employees are better off enrolled in consumer directed health plans? With Picwell DX, you can clear the path to employees understanding which medical plan is best for them, allowing you to increase utilization of low-cost health plans and achieve the consumer-directed health strategy success you set out to achieve.


Insights You Need to Improve
Your Benefits Program

You rely on employee surveys, market research, and other sources to make benefits decisions but are always looking for more insights into your workforce to make better decisions. With Picwell DX, you receive post-enrollment insights that give you de-identified data and deep insights, from workforces engagement during enrollment to personal benefit plan fit, giving you actionable insights to adjust your benefits plans and education and communication strategy.