Picwell + NCOA. Working Together to Help Aging Adults and their Caregivers

Health care benefits only get more confusing as you get older. And if you are responsible for caring for an aging adult, it can seem almost impossible to make decisions. That's why Picwell has teamed up with the National Council on Aging (NCOA) to help both aging adults and their caregivers.

Our innovative benefits decision support solution, Picwell DX, can provide easy access to all of the resources NCOA offers, including their Age Well Planner and Caregiver resources. Here's how.

Together, Picwell and NCOA Help Aging Adults Plan for Retirement

We are proud to work with NCOA to help aging adults better plan for retirement. If you know someone who is nearing retirement or Medicare enrollment, NCOA’s Age Well Planner can help them make more informed decisions. This tool uses Picwell’s innovative technology to provide information and estimates around costs they might experience in retirement and upon enrollment in Medicare benefits plans. 

The best part? It’s free to use and we can include this link in our decision support tool at no charge.

We Also Provide Easy Access to Resources for Caregivers

Our work doesn't stop at aging adults; we also help their caregivers. The resources available on NCOA's website provide caregivers with information around assisting with Medicare decisions and even provides a tool that can help seniors find programs that reduce costs around food, medications, and housing. 

And our benefits decision support tool can guide you to these resources quickly and easily too!

Whether you are an aging adult or a caregiver, Picwell is here for you.

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