Expert Guidance to Maximize Your Benefits Decisions

You know all of your employees desire to make the most of their benefit choices and you offer education and communication as a starting point. But did you know that it’s possible to provide each employee with a personalized, digital enrollment guide to smooth out their enrollment journey?

Navigate Many Choices with Ease

Imagine offering every employee the ability to quickly journey through all benefits, from health insurance and HSAs to voluntary benefits and 401(k). Picwell shows them the way, providing personalized recommendations and insights for each and every benefit in a matter of minutes.


Let Your Guide Do the Math

Did you know that it’s possible for employees to use the experience of thousands of other people, just like them, to make more informed decisions at open enrollment? Picwell DX quickly gathers basic facts on each person, calculates their personal health risk exposure and identifies their preferences in order to highlight the plans that best fit the employee.


Start Financial Wellness at Open Enrollment

When your employees use intelligent guidance, they will make better choices that save them money and better protect their risk. Picwell has proven to save each employee $1,000, on average, on health costs annually.