New Picwell DX Feature

Quickly and Easily Compare Health Insurance Plans

When evaluating and choosing health plans, it’s important for your employees to compare all of their available options, even if they’re considering a spouse or partner’s plan. Most often, this means they are left on their own to compare specific plan details like deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses, and co-pays. They need to make sure they are looking at the right details and crunching the numbers properly to determine which plan will save them the most money while providing the best health coverage.

If it sounds nearly impossible, that’s because it is – until now.

Picwell’s Build-a-Plan tool makes it quick and easy for your employees to review and compare all health care plans they are eligible for – all in just a few minutes!

Whether your employees want to compare plans from a partner, spouse, or even another private plan, they can with Build-a-Plan. Here’s how it works.

Build-a-Plan Provides Step-by-Step Guidance 

Build-a-Plan guides employees through the process by asking them to fill in the exact details needed to make the best comparisons.

Employees no longer have to try and figure out how a deductible or an out-of-pocket maximum will affect their decision – Build-a-Plan quickly and easily explains all of it for them!

Build-a-Plan Educates Employees on Plan Details

Build-a-Plan makes it easy to understand plan details by displaying short definitions and explanations throughout the tool. If employees encounter terms they are unsure of, they can simply hover over the term and Build-a-Plan will provide an easy-to-understand definition. 

We also know that not all health insurance plans are broken out the same way. Build-a-Plan removes confusion by providing more detailed information if your employee’s custom plan looks a little bit different than the questions being asked (i.e., “Wait, my plan has separate medical and drug deductibles.”)

Build-a-Plan Allows for Direct Plan Comparisons

After employees enter their custom plan details, they can easily compare it to their employer-sponsored plans.

The system will rank the custom plan just like it ranks employer-sponsored plans, and will provide a recommendation based on the profile information entered.

From here, employees can see which plan is the best fit, make their decision, and enroll within minutes!

Ready to see Build-a-Plan in action?