Benefits Guide

An Expert's Guide to Evaluating and Selecting Benefits Decision Support Solutions
What you need to know to select the right solution to satisfy both employees and employers

As health care benefits have grown in complexity, benefits professionals around the world have sought to reduce their workload while still providing effective benefits education to employees.

This ushered in a new market that we now know as benefits decision support.

While many companies claim to provide decision support, it's important to note that not all decision support solutions are created equal.

As you evaluate various solutions, you should understand these 2 concepts:

  1. What is benefits decision support, and especially what it is not?
  2. Is the benefits decision support tool designed to help employees choose the right benefits?

This guide will not only answer those two questions but it will also help you distinguish between various types of solutions currently on the market in order to find the best fit for your organization. 


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