Everyone deserves to get help making wise employee benefits choices.

Our founders started Picwell with a vision to make hard decisions simpler for everyday Americans. We remain committed to that very call and continue to expand our reach, helping millions of people make smarter decisions.

Our Story

In 2013, three college professors started Picwell to make it easier for millions of Americans, age 65 and older, to sort through their Medicare health insurance options each year during open enrollment. We now touch over 1.5M people of all generations, offering decision support through over 150 partners including employers, exchanges, benefit administration platforms, HSA administrators and other partners. The passion and vision of our founders continues as we strive to help more people make more wise choices every day.


We strive to make wise decisions easier for everyday people. Our data driven approach demonstrates when we do.

We come to work every day to leverage our unique experiences and expertise to help other people make the wisest decisions possible. We measure our success by the number of lives that we change and the measurable impact we make.

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